Friday, September 14, 2007


I am excited and anxious about this new adventure. Although I look forward to becoming more skilled and confident in what I do, I fear where my 8 hours will come from and what is going to give. It will all work itself out, but I can help but feel guilty as I hear my boys upstairs with my husband laughing and running round. (Currently, there is a bit of crying, so I'm kind of glad I am in the basement right now!)

Our first class was a little overwhelming. Once we are involved with a project, I know it will be fun. After working a full day, the key will be lots of snacks and coffee to keep on the right track. I enjoy being around people who share the same excitement for new technologies. This program will force me to make the time to explore and practice, something I hadn't allowed myself to do in the past. You get stale and outdated in a profession such technology education quickly if you don't make the time to "play."


Christine Southard said...

I share your excitement for TEAM and the guilt of unhappy little people. I know this is a challenge, but we're in this together and I'd be happy to either play to learn the technology with you and/or commiserate over the little ones. :)

Noel Forte said...

Thanks, Christine! I know I'm not alone!